Speech by Ambassador Zhao Zhenyu at the Launching of New Assembling Facility of Loncin Motors of Jamco Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

The Hon. Philip Paulwell

Minister of Commerce, Science and Technology,

Mrs. Patricia Francis, President of Jampro,

Mr. John Von Strolley, CEO of Jamco,

and Mrs. Loraine Strolley, Managing Director of Jamco,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is my great pleasure to join you at the launching ceremony of the new assembling facility of Loncin Motors, one of the latest fruits of economic cooperation between China and Jamaica.

Jamaica is a country on wheels. When stuck in the long and winding queues of cars during rush hours, I prefer to look through the window to kill those tedious moments. Very often, my eye is caught by those cool motorcycles and their young riders zooming off from us. A motorcycle fan once told me that he loved his motorcycle so much that he compared it to his girl friend. The engine is a delighted young heart of hers. The streamlined body keeps her good figure forever. The sound giving off from the exhaust pipe is somewhat like her merry tune. Well, let's wish all the young Jamaicans could get his ideal motorcycles. Now, with 400 motorcycles manufactured in China, but assembled here in Jamaica, they could have more choices.

These motorcycles are the products of partnership between China's Loncin Industrial Group and Jamaica's Jamco Manufacturing Co. Ltd. As the Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica, I am quite confident that their cooperation will be very successful.

Loncin Industrial Group is a private enterprise located in Western China. It has taken them 10 years to grow and become one of the biggest motorcycle and engine manufacturer and exporter in China. The company has its own industrial park and a cutting edge technology development center. Its products, enjoying good reputation on the market both at home and abroad, can be found in more than 40 countries in the world.

At the Expo 2003 held in Montego Bay last October, Loncin Motorcycle made its debut in Jamaica, and that was the beginning of the cooperation of Jamco and Loncin. Tonight's launching ceremony will witness the upgrading of their cooperation: to have the motorcycles assembled in Jamaica and sold from Jamaica to the rest of the Caribbean region.

Like many other products of China, the basic features of this famous brand of motorcycle, namely, good quality, good service and good price, will soon be felt by its customers. On this occasion, I would like to express my congratulations to Jamco for making choice to have Loncin as its partner, and my best wishes for the performance of Loncin motors in the Caribbean region.

I regard tonight's ceremony as a start of the further strengthening of trade links and economic cooperation between China and Jamaica.

What impressed me most is that Jamco does not confine its cooperation with China to motorcycles only. Actually it has been ready to explore other fields of commodity in order to, in its own word, "further benefit Jamaica". And even in the cooperation of motorcycle, plans have already been discussed to have more sophisticated assembling lines be formulated in Jamaica in the near future to produce a Jamaican brand motorcycle for the customers of the whole Caribbean region. "Buy Jamaica and Build Jamaica", that is a good idea.

I have touched upon the great potentials of expanding our bilateral trade on many occasions and tonight I would like to echo that neither the Chinese nor the Jamaican Government is content with the small percentage of shares they have taken in each other's market. Both Governments have been actively encouraging their respective entrepreneurs to do more business with each other. Opportunities have also been provided to facilitate the participation to expos and commodity fairs held in each other's countries.

The cooperation of Jamco and Loncin, ignited at Expo 2003, is a very good example. Last September, Dr. Dixon, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology led a Jamaican delegation to participate in the China International Fair for Investment & Trade. During the fair, one day was especially devoted to stress the promising future of Sino-Caribbean economic and trade cooperation. Since then, there has been a wave of Jamaican heat in China as my Embassy receives more inquires from China about business and investment opportunities in Jamaica.

It gives me special pleasure to make an announcement on this occasion. In order to keep the momentum of trade development and strengthening of economic cooperation with Caribbean countries, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade will hold a forum on economic and trade cooperation between China and Caribbean countries either later this year or in the beginning of 2005 in one of the countries of this region with many entrepreneurs coming from China. I certainly wish the Forum will take place in Jamaica. My Embassy will commit itself to turning the forum to be a platform on which the economic and trade cooperation between China and Jamaica will serve, not only as the driving force of the friendly relations between our two countries, but also the locomotive for the Sino-Caribbean economic cooperation.

Dear friends, with the booming of both Chinese and Jamaican economies, with the strong support of Chinese and Jamaican governments and the emerging of pioneering entrepreneurs like Jamco and Loncin, my colleagues at the Commercial Section of the Embassy and myself are optimistic that a new page of cooperation is right in front of us.

My thanks to Jamco and my best wishes to your cooperation with Loncin.

My thanks also to the Honorable Minister and President of Jampro for their kind support.

Thank you all.

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