Ambassador NIU Qingbao Joining JCFA for China's 68th National Day Celebration
   On October 29, H.E. Niu Qingbao, Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica, joined Jamaica China Friendship Association (JCFA) to celebrate the 68th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. The Honourable Delroy Chuck, Minister of Justice, and Professor Fritz Pinnock, President of Caribbean Maritime University, attended and addressed the banquet. Also present were the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General of Jamaica, and Lady Allen, the Most Honourable Kenneth Hall, former Governor-General, and Lady Hall, the Honourable Robert Pickersgill, Former Chairman of PNP, H.E. Fay Pickersgill, Former Ambassador of Jamaica to China, Mrs. Irena Cousins, President of JCFA, members of JCFA and specially invited guests.
    In his remarks, Ambassador Niu elaborated on the great achievements and successful experience of China's economic and social development and its contributions to world peace and development since reform and opening up. Special emphasis was given to the advantages of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in governing, including long term planning, strong leadership and powerful implementation. Being a developing country like Jamaica, China has been providing unconditional assistance to Jamaica to the best of its ability so as to help Jamaica boost economic growth and social development. The North-South Highway and Alpart Alumina Plant are good manifestation of bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Exchanges in culture, education, sports among other fields between China and Jamaica are also expanding. Ambassador Niu also expressed gratitude to Jamaica for offering full government scholarships to train Chinese sports coaches and students and 10 scholarships at Caribbean Maritime University. Besides, Ambassador Niu briefed the successful convening of the 19th National Congress of CPC and expected Jamaica to take the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative to achieve win-win results and common development. By commending JCFA for its tremendous efforts and great success in enhancing friendship between the two peoples, Ambassador Niu expressed his anticipation that JCFA continue acting as a bridge to enhance China-Jamaica friendship and cooperation.
    Minister Chuck congratulated on the 68th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the tremendous achievements in China's development. He expressed appreciation to China for its relentless support and assistance to Jamaica, and hailed JCFA for its contribution to China-Jamaica friendly relations. He wished China-Jamaica friendship a brighter future.
    Professor Pinnock gave a speech on Jamaica
's geographic advantages and envision of future development by emphasizing the great potential in China-Jamaica cooperation in logistics, connectivity, human resources training, etc. He called on Jamaica to take the opportunities provided by China's development, through the Belt and Road Initiative, to align the initiative with its own development strategies, intensify cooperation and share more benefits.


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