Notice on Adjustment of the Online Application of the Green Health Code or Certified Health Declaration Code

To reduce cross-border transmission of COVID-19, the requirements for the application of "Health Code" or "Health Declaration QR-Code" ( "HS/HDC" ) for passengers flying to China will be adjusted as following from today:


    I. Passengers flying to China from Jamaica should transit via no more than two countries. Passengers need to upload the following materials when applying for "HS/HDC" code online:

    1) negative nucleic acid test and IgM anti-body test results taken within 48 hours before boarding the flight;

    2) passport information page and visa page;

    3) complete travel itinerary;

    4)Residence certificates (If not Jamaica passport holder )

    5)Vaccinated travelers should truthfully report their real vaccination situation and submit Proof of complete Covid-19 vaccination (14 days after full vaccination, if available)"Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination" (see the attachment, travelers must fill out the attachment truthfully by themselves and sign with handwritten signature), when apply for "HS/HDC".

The Chinese Embassy in Jamaica will no longer issue "HS/HDC" to passengers departing from Jamaica for China and transiting via more that two countries.

To apply for "HS/HDC" in the transiting country, please refer to the notification and requirements of the relevant Chinese Embassy or Consulate General.

If your itinerary does not meet the above requirements, you may not be able to obtain "HS/HDC" that meets the flight requirements. Travel delays and economic losses caused by non-compliance shall be borne by individual passengers.


    II. Apart from IgM or IgG positive results due to COVID-19 vaccination, passengers who have got confirmed COVID-19 infection history or have tested positive in any of PCR, IgM or IgG but not confirmed as infected with COVID-19 should provide lung CT or X-ray examination report produced by local hospital, as well as two PCR negative test certificates (with at least 24 hours interval, and these three tests should be taken within 3 days before starting the 14-day quarantine and health condition supervision). Then, please send these three results to the embassy's email address: these documents are acceptable, applicants should take 14 day quarantine and health condition supervision before travel. The Chinese Embassy in Jamaica will then issue the "HS/HDC" if the applicant can provide negative PCR and IgM certificates 48 hours before boarding.


    III.The nucleic acid test must be conducted at the institutions approved by the Jamaica Government (see following links):

After obtaining the test report, please carefully check the accuracy of the personal information in the test report.

To ensure an efficient reviewing process, you may ask the testing institutions to send a copy of the report to the Embassy as soon as it is ready. (Email: *you will still need to upload the report online).


   IV. Landing crew in Jamaica. Crew members who disembark in Jamaica and intend to take a flight to China should take at least 14-day quarantine in Jamaica. When applying for the "HS/HDC", the applicant should submit a quarantine commitment letter issued by the shipping company along with the test results of nucleic acid and IgM antibody.


   V.Please closely follow and comply with the relevant policies of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in the transit countries as well as entry regulations and nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests requirements of the transit country's before making your travel plan, so as to avoid being stranded in the transiting country.


          *Please read the previous notices carefully:Notice on Airline Boarding Requirements for Certificates of Negative Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body Blood Tests Results


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